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Why Europe?

The globalisation of the economy is continuing to impact the world of work in an accelerating manner. In this economic setting, the financial industry and the multinationals are dominating the agenda and happily play different economic settings including tax and labour regulations against each other. It is an illusion to think that any country within the EU still has enough political power on its own to master this economic reality. We’re still electing our political leaders on a national level, while we fully understand the real power sits at a European or even at a global level. I therefor strongly believe that it is time to sunset the 19th century invention called country and prepare for a fully integrated political and economic European Union. The European Union is the only platform with real power.

What does this mean for HR?

Today’s HR world is dominated by HR views and practices of dominant global companies. Just like coffee prices are established on a global scale, so is the world of work. Some falsely believe labour is still regulated on a national level, or even at plant level. This hasn’t been the case for the last 30 years or more. The business world and the democratic welfare state do not make a happy couple. Companies shift capital and work in this globally deregulated liberal economy at a rate countries cannot adapt to. Not surprisingly, those companies are globally organized and administered. Europe needs to step up to that challenge. Although Germany, the UK and France are important players, their individual tax and labour practices are too divergent to have a global impact. I believe it’s time Europe truly unites on the topic of work if Europe is to preserve its way of life. This is not about blowing up systems but getting a grip through democratic means on the world of work in Europe.

I’ll be presenting different and challenging views. They will at times be controversial, undermining, polemic, radical, unpractical and marginal but always inspirational, honest, independent, rational and respectful. Demystifying some of the myths, criticizing pseudo-scientific beliefs and reporting on solid academic insights and first-hand experience are all part of the brief.

Occasionally the contributions will go beyond the HR domain and touch on history, science, philosophy, art and everything else that makes us human.  The European touch however will always be present.

Main focus points will be

  • Europe and the world of work from an HR standpoint
  • The social, cultural and economic dimensions of work
  • HR trends and news in Europe and the rest of the world

I wish you plenty of reading enjoyment and courage to respond. I also invite you to contribute: the Audience section is specifically set up for this purpose.

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