About me

I have 25 years in HR, working my way up through different jobs and companies to become the VP HR EMEA of Western Union in the late 90’s, the VP of First Data Intl. EMEA in 2003,the SVP of First Data Intl. in 2007 and the Global Head of HR of Swift in 2013. Like many colleagues, I lived out of a suitcase, learning along the way. Two decades through Europe and the big wide world have given me a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of what HR as a business function can accomplish. I have a strong interest in Talent and Leadership but enjoyed my Business Partnering days the most. Though the HR community tends to be the biggest hurdle to its success, I firmly believe HR is not a black art. It’s just time to get real and ditch the HR popcorn. On the other hand,  CEO’s who claim people are their biggest assets and human capital to be a top challenge, can no longer credibly rate HR to be the 9th or 10th most important function in the company.

What else? I think of myself as European through and through. I believe the notion of a country in Europe is a thing of the past, not of the future. I strongly believe the country-construct is getting in the way of a prosperous, diverse, creative and innovative Europe. Today, Europe needs to reform into more than a financial or economic union.

As you read, you probably think I’m not your regular HR professional. True, I do have some very specific interests outside of HR, like motorcycles and philosophy. I might even post the odd blog on one of those subjects. However, my goal is to enrich he life of every HR professional and improve  the world of work in any way possible.

The last thing I expect is you to agree. The first thing I expect is for you to voice your thinking, subscribe and start the dialogue.