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Interview with Hervé Chomel, Vice-President Africa at Moneygram

Mr. Chomel joined MoneyGram in 2005 and today he is responsible for driving growth across Africa, MoneyGram’s largest region outside the US. Mr. Chomel’s career includes more than 20 years managing remittance services in global markets including overseeing sales, marketing and regional operations. He joined MoneyGram as regional director for France, Maghreb and Francophone Africa, […]

Leadership opportunity

The need for change has never been so obvious. Nor have the opportunities ever been so numerous. The Euro crisis formed a unique opportunity to transform Europe from a mere union of money and numbers into a humane political, social and economic project.  The interim solution as it stands today fails on all fronts and […]

The illusion of the good old days

True, we lie to ourselves. We do it every day. All the time, our innate capacity called selective memory allows us to retain the good and ban the bad. We rewrite the past with every recollection. Our memories travel back to times when we were young, sexy and legacy-free. Our future was still to be […]


Organisational structures have been around for as long as man can remember. They exist in all shapes and sizes, ruled by processes, systems, norms and eventually values. All have purpose and people in common: without people, purpose can’t be achieved and without purpose, people underperform and leave. Whether your organisation is a ‘command and control’ […]


At the pool in a B&B nipping a local cabernet franc, I listened to a French citizen describe his view of life, France and ultimately Europe. Considering himself an exception as a hard-working entrepreneur, he enumerated all the wrongs of France and then of Europe. None of them worth repeating as you probably heard them […]


Cycling through France last week, my wife and I ended up Monday night on the terrace of a popular local restaurant: the usual French menu with the usual French charm. Small tables, hard wooden chairs, fair prices, good food served with self-confidence, regional wines, busy, crowded, noisy, yet colourful. No surprises. The terrace was full, […]

Ulrich’s funeral

Over the past 25 years, Dave Ulrich’s model has been the inspiration and lifeline of the HR function. The transformation from an administrative personnel department into a value-add strategic business asset has been the mantra and the raison-d’être of many HR functions. The illustrious coveted seat at the table has been the catalyst for a […]