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If the EU were a company

It’s hard not to write about Greece these days. Over the past 5 years, Greece has not been out of the news. I will not bore you with another political or economic analysis. As one COO always used to say: we are where we are, so let’s move on. As a Europhile, I can’t really […]

Common sense

Many summers ago, I was taking the Thalys from Paris to Brussels after a long week on the road. I was in my late thirties and the gentleman sitting across me was exactly twice my age. While I was trying to catch my breath, he introduced himself just by his first name and asked what […]

The lunacy of today’s performance management process

The chance is high that you are working for a company which has an annual performance management cycle trying at best to achieve 2 things: reward the really strong performers through merit and bonus attributions and secondly document a development or performance improvement plan for those not in that category. The chance is also high […]