In one of the management courses I got drawn, the facilitator asked two groups of people how they would react to a negative performance appraisal. The groups were divided following a fairly simple and general personality test. While one group clearly stated the overarching reaction would be disappointment and sorrow, the other group claimed it […]

Your Daily Planet

Warning: this blog will not make you a better or happier person. The environmental impact of today’s proliferation of impulsive, improvident musings on the political, social and economic front by everyone and their dog is hard to overstate. Thriving on Angst, it has globally led to a poisoned and unfulfilled society, expressing its protest and […]

What part of your job won’t be affected by Artificial Intelligence?

Today, the business value of AI consists of generating information from information the business doesn’t have: AI lets the business predict which solution, product or candidate is likely to be most successful. AI uses algorithms making sense out of unlimited data, taking over activities from simple to highly complex roles. If AI has access to […]

Charles’ law

Is the business world similar to the natural one? Is it Darwin all over? Will more than 99% of the companies become extinct, just like the more than 5 billion species that ever lived on earth? I hear you say no, not at all as most companies adapt and transform to survive. My memory tells […]

Untapped Leadership

We all know plenty of companies with an all-white male board, whereby the average age resembles one you might find in a retirement home. It not only makes a pathetic group photo but sadly also stands for a dysfunctional governance model, where a conservative world view dominated by groupthink fails to capture the potential value […]

Desinit in piscem

One of the more important reasons HR fails to deliver as a business function is its addiction to fads. The yearly wealth of new leadership theories and books illustrate HR’s desperate addiction to pseudo-scientific management BS. These fads are nothing more than charming trends initiating a gulf of energy and enthusiasm over a short period. […]

Tin soldier

This is not a blog about Trump or Brexit, even though all over the world people are coming to terms with new political realities. It is also not about the existential Angst fueling this political trend. Whether this brave new world will throw us back to the depressing thirties or propel us to prosperity for […]

When I’m 64

Should I envy the new entrants in the labor market for their youth, future and possibilities? The Economist’s fantastic summary of the Future of Work which I used extensively to write this blog, made me wonder. While instinct says yes, reason holds me back. The treshold to enter the labor market has never been this […]