Old school

Not a day goes past or a futurist predicts a brave new world. One where entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, the human cloud, big data and anything that represents the new economy are put in a comprehensive framework that represents our tomorrow. A tomorrow already emerging and on the verge of overpowering our mundane little world of […]

Five Years

Your job as you know it will probably not be here in 5 years. Nor might HR as a function. I’m telling you nothing new. Most of you have heard this s a thousand times. While the digital imperative is disrupting all facets of your life, you have to renew yourself, just to maintain your […]

The Immigrant Song

In previous blogs, I’ve been more than critical of guru’s claiming a numbered list of thoughts, habits or actions to be the secret formula to success and happiness. You know, the 3 to 10 things you should do to succeed in life, or at least as an entrepreneur or in a job, and why not, […]

Are you being served?

The new brave HR world is defined by dynamic, agile, business integration.  HR professionals focus on the few critical things that enhance the economic value of the organisation. They improve revenue, profit and market share through people actions. They are few but master data, productivity, engagement and culture. All with a long-term view Finance and […]


Like Arnold Schönberg disrupted traditional classical music into what most of you would describe as noise, so has technology radically upset the world of work into what most of you would call a new economic paradigm. Digital disruptors and Unicorns dominate the financial and economic news. They are also spearheading all new HR and organizational […]

HR Popcorn

Before the yearly performance, merit and bonuscycle turns all HR departments into a usine à gaz for the next 5 months , I wanted to share some HR popocorn I had the pleasure to discover these last couple of days. You will find all the links to the source material at the bottom of the post. […]

Us dreamers

Belief in progress and development is as old as mankind. Since the Enlightenment, all of us are constantly contemplating a better world. Economic disruptors coupled with a growing scientific insight into the nature and culture of man form today a formidable alliance in predicting how the world of work will evolve. Everyday, a new book, […]

Sobering statistics

Europe continues to treat the world of work in all its antagonistic industrial glory: employers and employees belong to 2 different worlds, regulated by laws and practices, with national governments unwilling to address today’s reality of a post-industrial society. In all of the EU member states, the labor code has become overly complex and out […]

Leadership opportunity

The need for change has never been so obvious. Nor have the opportunities ever been so numerous. The Euro crisis formed a unique opportunity to transform Europe from a mere union of money and numbers into a humane political, social and economic project.  The interim solution as it stands today fails on all fronts and […]