Five Years

Your job as you know it will probably not be here in 5 years. Nor might HR as a function.

I’m telling you nothing new. Most of you have heard this s a thousand times. While the digital imperative is disrupting all facets of your life, you have to renew yourself, just to maintain your employability. You have to produce a better, more agile version of yourself every morning. The job requirements increase overnight. Speed and diversity of learning are crucial to your survival. It’s a never-ending cycle. Companies come and go, just like occupations. Employees come and go, just like students at universities.

Can the homo faber survive in the VUCA world? Not in the traditional sense. Controlling the environment in a global village with innumerous competitors is only for the happy few not a bridge too far. Believing you can outrun the pace of change is naive and foolish.

As the digital imperative intensifies, change is not a choice. It might scare you at first, but change is good. It might require courage, energy, resilience and the need to go above-and-beyond. However, it fuels a uniquely human gift: creativity.

Creativity solves the problems of today and shapes the future to be. If ethically applied,  it is the most precious asset man has.

It’s also THE asset HR painfully lacks. HR continues to apply yesterday’s practices to today’s challenges, oblivious to the business needs of tomorrow. I expect the homo creativus to reduce HR in 5 years to an app, buried on your phone among the hundreds of others. I predict HR to disappear as a separate function: the non-value-add outsourced or merged with other operational units, the value-add integrated in larger business teams, coached by third parties.

Creativity loses a compagnon de route today. I originally was going to end with David Bowie’s Five Years. He’s the epitome of creativity, reinventing himself multiple times over 5 decades. But that’s not how I want to close today. Give your creativity free reign today. Reinvent yourself. After all, we can be Heroes. Even if it’s just for 1 day.


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